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Guaranteed Network Uptime.
(offered at a fixed cost).

You won’t find this kind of guarantee from any of our competitors. We’ll put it in writing, and we’re so sure that we’ll provide what we promise, that if we don’t, we won’t bill you. Select from our silver (99%), gold (99.9%) or platinum (99.99%) guaranteed network uptime options.

How can we be so confident in our offer? We constantly monitor the health of your network and provide the below all-inclusive services to make sure any threats to your network are taken care of before they become problems.

If network systems fail, you won’t pay an extra cent. We’ll get everything running again at no extra cost to you. No one else will include so much, and make you an offer this incredible – all at a fixed cost.

No one will guarantee your uptime. No one, except Azaya!

How can we provide a guarantee?

These included services help us achieve our goal of a downtime free network

  1. 24x7x365 network monitoring
  2. Backups – local and cloud based
  3. Anti-Virus – Gateway and Endpoint
  4. Web-filter
  5. Drive Data Encryption
  6. Patch Management
  7. Spam Filter
  8. Mobile Device Management
  9. State-of-the-Art Firewall
  10. Gigabit Network Switch
  11. Traffic Analysis and Shaping
  12. Separate Secure Staff and Guest Wireless
  13. Network Access Protection
  14. Staff Training