Mission Statement

Our Approach to Guaranteed Network Uptime

Our Mission is to provide essential technology components to businesses of all types and sizes and to provide managed IT Solutions for companies with applications that demand the highest level of security and availability. We shift the burden of maintaining and supporting business systems and networks to a proactive shared risk model.

Azaya, Inc. is a type of Managed Service Provider that knows small businesses because we are a small business. Built from the ground up, Azaya, Inc. knows that being a company’s IT source that there is more than just having a vendor type relationship with our clients. It is a partnership, one that we don’t take lightly. We live off of a simple motto, “Guaranteed Network Uptime!” What that means is our technicians are always working to make sure that your employees are working too. Working with a fixed-rate billing system, this separates us from the competitors. Within that system, we are able to be more preventative than reactive which shows on your bottom-line. Being able to go the extra yard for our clients regularly shows in our service.

We install the best equipment, have an effortless ticketing system that sends all requests to our technicians and finally we have more accountability and drive than anyone else. We are all here at Azaya, Inc. for the right reasons and those reasons are you. In this age of the integration of business and technology drives success and our mission here at Azaya is to work as your partner rather than a vendor. Keeping your systems online ensuring the highest levels of productivity for your business without the expense of the traditional service provider.

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