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Azaya Product Breakdown

Putting your Business First!

All of our Products and Services are provided at a Fixed Cost so you know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost every time with Azaya. We believe in upfront service and our products will prove it to you.

eZ Virtual IT: A complete solution for your business IT needs. This service creates a team of IT professionals at your disposal capable of handling the following services:

          • eZ Office - Brings full mobility, security and greater effectiveness to your internal business processes. The convenience of customized systems and programs built for your specific business needs and processes built by Azaya for you.
          • eZ Security - In today’s world nothing is more important than keeping your business secure from whatever threats might be waiting to strike. To protect you from these threats, Azaya has partnered with industry leaders like Cisco to create the eZ-Security system, a 24/7 threat monitoring, assessment, and treatment program designed to keep you and your business safe from all threats, internal and external.
          • eZ Web - With 6 out of every 10 small businesses lacking web presence, and with 55% of consumers searching online before becoming a customer, building and hosting your website is paramount to stay viable and visible in the marketplace. Azaya is here to help, with fixed cost hosting and expert site designers we make it eZ.
          • eZ Safe Data - Worried about backing up your business data? With eZ SafeData you have a multi-layered approach to securing your data, and it is still accessible from anywhere you do business. This fully automated backup eliminates human error with sophisticated daily operations and fully transparent reporting. Let us take the worry out of your business.
          • eZ Smart Server – Want to set up a server system without the hassle or cost? Azaya is able to provide you with a fully–maintained network environment with the essentials necessary to your business need. eZ Smart Server is a customized and dedicated managed server with no major upfront investment. We help you manage the process and make it eZ to add new, upgrade, and host your software and databases in one simple program.

eZ Voice:A complete solution for your business phone line needs.  Configured into a custom solution complete with a Cisco® Phone Package, Azaya, Inc. can often save you hundreds over our competitors. eZ Voice also comes with the following services:

          • Unlimited Phone Lines
          • Exciting Features
          • Both In-House and Cloud Solutions

eZ Projects:This solution allows us not only the ability to help your company accomplish an IT project depending on your needs and wants, but it also allows us to audition for you as well. We believe that every project is another step towards a better partnership. We will provide a detailed plan for every project, listing every step needed. Always providing the best equipment and honestly labor from quality techs. Let us prove that we are the IT Solution for you.

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