Social Policy

Social Policy

Many companies believe they have a responsibility to "give back" to society. This focus includes contributions of time and money, a duty to provide environmentally friendly products and services, and a desire to improve the lives of individuals in the community and around the globe.

We are proud to define ourselves as one of these companies. At Azaya, we understand we’re a part of our community. So our responsibilities go further than just keeping systems running and creating new business solutions for our customers.

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Our Values

Azaya, Inc has over 25 years of experience when it comes to Managed Services for any company throughout Western Mass.
Here are some of our core company values.


We stand with our clients as a partnership. Our motto is, "Guaranteed Network Uptime" and we fully believe in that. Making sure that your networks are up and running, allows us to make sure that your employees are up and running as well. Each situation that occurs will be handled with the utmost respect and timeliness.


Azaya, Inc. has the knowledge to handle any situation that occurs. 25 years of managing clients means we have seen almost every IT problem that a small business can encounter. Our knowledge and experience gives us the ability to help you overcome these obstacles and prevent them from standing in the way of your business.


We understand that a company's data is important. Maintaining a high degree of professionalism and confidentiality surrounding your company's IT needs is something that Azaya, Inc. prides itself on. All of our employees are extensively trained and can adhere to any security protocols that your business requires. Integrity in an IT Staff is crucial to know that all your data is safe.


Our top of the line Barracuda® spam filters with allow us to protect your company's servers by monitoring any incoming or outgoing threats. We also use the latest versions of Symantec® Anti-Virus on both your company's servers and individual workstations providing a solid wall against threats.


Using our Remote Management & Monitoring software, we are able to remote into an employee's computer and help orchestrate a solution while showing the employee how we do it. This allows the employee to know that we are capable of helping them through any issue and provides a learning scenario where we can keep them working more consistently in the future.


Using our State of the Art ticketing system, connecting with your employees who have a problem is as simple as a call or email. Within the hour, a helpful response from one of our technicians will be by your employee's side. Knowing that our knowledge and service cannot be beat is what separates us from our competition.

About Us

Azaya provides top of the line equipment and management services at a fixed cost to clients across western Massachusetts in order to invest and create reliable infrastructure for companies to grow.

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